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Find an Energy Pro

Not sure where to spend your home energy improvement dollars for the biggest bang for your buck? Consult with a professional.

Existing Homes

A professional home energy audit can help you:

  • Understand critical factors that contribute to inefficiencies and excessive energy use.
  • Identify low cost and no-cost strategies to reduce energy use, as well as more comprehensive recommendations for home improvements.
  • When purchasing to identify an energy-efficient home that will be comfortable and cost less to live in.

Find a professional energy rater:

For an investment of $75 to $750, consider a professional energy rating of your home.

New Homes

Home buying is complex enough without having to know all the details of energy-efficient construction.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR Homes:

Find a professional builder:

Build the house of your dreams knowing that it also meets strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Search for ENERGY STAR Home Builders in Texas.

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