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School-Energy Reporting

Plan: Code Reference: Submittal:
SB300 Report Education Code §311.1513 Submittal not required

Senate Bill 300 (81R)

In 2009, the Texas 81st Legislative Session passed Senate Bill 300 amending the Education Code §311.1513 to require schools to develop a long-range energy plan.

Senate Bill 300 Mandates

The board of trustees of a school district is mandated to establish a long-range energy plan to reduce the district's annual electric consumption by five percent beginning with the 2008 state fiscal year and consume electricity in subsequent fiscal years in accordance with the district's energy plan.

The plan shall include strategies for achieving energy efficiency that result in net savings for the district; or that can be achieved without financial cost to the district, and the initial, short-term capital costs and lifetime costs and savings that may result from implementation of the strategy.

In determining whether a strategy may result in financial cost to the district, the board of trustees must consider the total net costs and savings that may occur over the seven-year period following implementation of the strategy.

Senate Bill 300 Reporting

The board of trustees may submit the District's long-range campus energy master plan to SECO for the purposes of determining whether funds available through loan programs administered by the office are available to the district. Plans are not required to be submitted.

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