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Grant Application Materials:

Key Deadlines Date*
Notice of Request for Applications Posted on Texas Register 02/15/13 after 10 a.m. CT
Issuance of Request for Application on Electronic State Business Daily 02/15/13 after 10 a.m. CT
Submission of Questions Due 02/22/13 at 2 p.m. CT
Official Responses to Questions Posted 03/01/13, or as soon thereafter as practical
Application Deadline 03/15/13 at 2 p.m. CT
Grant Award/Contract Execution 03/31/13, or as soon thereafter as practical
*Dates may be subject to change

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Stimulus Information
If you’re looking for information related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, please refer to our SECO Stimulus Funds section.

Innovative Energy Demonstration Grant Program
(SEP Program2.2)

Purpose: To partner with local governments, school districts, state agencies and public institutions of higher education to demonstrate renewable energy technologies by installing small scale systems.

Budget Allocation: $2,000,000 in competitive grants for the State Fiscal, September 1, 2012, through August 31, 2013. Individual awards, if any, are not-to-exceed $250,000 in amount.

Who Qualifies: Texas cities, counties, independent school districts, state agencies and public institutions of higher education.

Deadline Information: Please note that all grant applications are due to the Comptroller's office by 2 pm CST on March 15, 2013.

Questions: All written inquiries and questions must be received in the Issuing Office no later than 2:00 p.m. CT on February 22, 2013. Prospective applicants are encouraged to send questions via email to or fax to (512) 463-3669 to ensure timely receipt. On or about March 1, 2013, or as soon thereafter as practical, Comptroller expects to post responses to the questions received by the deadline on the ESBD website at: Late Questions will not be considered under any circumstances.”

Contact: For general questions about these instructions or the application form, please contact Jason C. Frizzell, Assistant General Counsel, Contracts, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, at: 111 E. 17th Street, Room 201, Austin, Texas 78774 (Issuing Office) via email to or fax to (512) 463-3669.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a Texas city, county, independent school district (ISD), state agency or public institutions of higher education.
  2. Applicants must also provide matching funds totaling at least 20% of the project costs. The following types of matching funds are acceptable:
    1. Cash;
    2. Equipment;
    3. Materials;
    4. Supplies; and
    5. Personnel costs directly attributable to the program (per the application instructions).
  3. Grants may cover up to 80% of the incremental costs related to the purchase and installation of a renewable energy technology
  4. Maximum award per applicant - $250,000.
  5. Competitive grants, reimbursement basis.
  6. Address the possible historic qualifications of the building selected for the installation.
  7. Projects are limited to:
    • Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics - appropriately-sized units on existing rooftops and parking shade structures; or 60 KW systems or smaller installed on the ground within the boundaries of an existing facility.
    •  Wind Turbine - 20 KW or smaller.
    •  Solar Thermal - system must be 20 KW or smaller.
    •  Solar Thermal Hot Water - such as appropriately sized for small buildings.

Evaluation Criteria:
If a grant is awarded under the terms of this RFA, Comptroller and SECO anticipate that the selection of grant recipients will be based in part on the criteria set forth in the attached score sheet and the following considerations:

  • Education and outreach value of the project for students, staff and/or the general public
  • Ready to go projects given priority
  • Location of proposed system
  • Size, type and cost per kilowatt hour of technology proposed
  • Entities ability to display energy production information via the internet, kiosk or signage.

Grant Awardees
Name of applicant County PROJECT
Cooper ISD Delta 50.5 kW roof-mounted solar PV system at Cooper ISD's elementary school campus located at 1401 SW 8th, Cooper, TX 75432 and another 50.5 kW solar PV system and 80 gallon solar thermal water heater at Cooper ISD's secondary school campus located at 823 FM 1528, Cooper, TX 75432.
Avery ISD Red River 94.07 kW roof mount grid-tied solar PV system and an 80 gallon solar thermal water heater.  The solar array will be located at located at 150 San Antonio St., Avery, TX 75554.
Texas Tech University – Junction – Llano River Kimble 40.23 kW roof mounted solar PV system and two 10 kW wind energy systems all grid connected at 254 Red Raider Lane, Junction, Texas 76849.
Liberty-Eylau ISD Bowie 42.75 kW ground mount, grid-tied solar PV system and an 80 gallon solar thermal water heater at 2901 Leopard Dr., Texarkana, TX 75501.
Texarkana ISD Bowie 42.75 kW roof mounted,grid-tied solar PV system and an 80 gallon solar thermal water heater at the Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary School located at 4826 University Park, Texarkana, TX
City of Brownsville Cameron 77 kW solar PV system and a solar water heating system that is 35,000 btu equivalent at 519 E. Madison Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520.
Texas State University –       San Marcos Hays 6 kW solar PV system and a 9 kW wind energy system that will provide energy to a classroom that is used as the SMART lab located at 749 N. Comanche Street, San Marcos, TX 78666.
Brownsville ISD Cameron 70 kW solar PV system and one 5 kW wind energy all grid connected at 4550 U.S. Military Hwy 281, Brownsville, Texas 78520.
Northwest ISD Tarrant two 4 kW pole mounted solar PV systems and one 5 kW wind energy and one 2.5 kW wind energy systems all grid connected at 7773 Mulkey Lane, Northlake, Texas.
Taylor ISD Williamson two 3 kW solar pole mounted, 16 kW roof mounted grid-tied solar PV and one 1 kW wind energy system at 355 FM 973, Taylor, TX 76574.
Presido ISD Presidio 72 kW roof mounted, grid connected solar PV system at the Presidio Elementary School located at 701 E. Market St, Presidio, TX 79845.
Archer City ISD Archer  30 kW roof mounted solar PV system on the school annex and adjacent gym buildings at 619 S. Mulberry Street  Archer City, Texas 76351.
Texas State Technical College – Harlingen  Cameron 17.5 kW (7 x 2.5) of wind energy and 13 kW of Solar PV that will operate LED Lighting at 2201 Airport Drive, Harlingen, Texas 78550.
Required Plug-ins