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Renewable Energy Programs

SECO funds demonstration projects throughout Texas, and has co-sponsored conferences, workshops and other educational efforts, yielding a positive impact on Texans' familiarity with renewable energy.

Innovative Energy Demonstration Program

SECO's Innovative Energy Demonstration Program (IEDP) promotes the use of renewable energy and sustainable building design in Texas by increasing public awareness of the state's renewable energy resources, demonstrating new technologies and increasing the infrastructure necessary to escalate renewable energy use in existing state programs.

IEDP provides technical training and educational information on Texas renewable energy resources. The program funds solar, wind and biomass demonstration projects throughout Texas, and sponsors conferences, workshops and educational efforts that motivate Texans to use and promote all renewable energy systems in their communities. IEDP initiatives are geared to offset and replace traditional methods of energy generation and consumption throughout Texas. The success of these initiatives directly impacts the state's economic development and its citizens' quality of life.

Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) ensures that the public benefits of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, continue to be recognized as electricity markets become more competitive. It requires companies that sell electricity to retail customers to support renewable energy generation. The Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard is one of the most effective and successful in the nation, widely considered a model RPS. It is one of the greatest influences on the rapid growth of the Texas wind energy industry.

Past Programs

Texas Solar for Schools (2001 - 2007)

SECO's Texas Solar for Schools Program has supplied many small-scale solar energy systems and commentary educational tools to school districts across the state. The schools save energy while saving money on their electric bills, and the students learn first hand about renewable energy and energy conservation.

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