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State Agency Energy Advisory Group (SAEAG)

The State Agency Energy Advisory Group (SAEAG) is a group of state energy management personnel from agencies and universities who meet monthly to discuss and evaluate the needs of state-owned facilities. The group provides a network of communication and technical support to facilitate sustainable, economical and efficient use of natural resources in the state. Members include energy managers, facilities personnel and SECO representatives. Topics addressed at SAEAG meetings include state-of-the-art energy-efficiency technology, the benefits of sustainable design and construction, and the potential impact of a restructured electricity industry for major energy consumers.

For more information or to be added to the mailing list, contact Alison Huxel.

SAEAG Meeting Presentations

Date Presentation Presenter
10/19/16 Innovative Energy Conservation Solutions Elaine Nichols
07/20/16 Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds Lisa Tames
07/20/16 Texas Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds Rob Latsha Tinkler
1/20/16 The Path to a Zero Net Energy Building and Geothermal Greg Tinkler
6/17/15 Achieving High Performance Buildings Through Integrated Project Delivery Design-Build Rich Oliver and Thursten Simonsen
6/17/15 Utility Service Areas Katherine Farrell
4/15/15 Texas State University: Sustainable Stewardship Doug Bynum, Sheri Lara
3/19/15 Shaping What's Next- Lighting Services Susan Nodorft, Larry Daniels
2/18/15 Update on UT Irrigation and Water Conservation Efforts Markus Hogue
1/21/15 Retrofit Best Practices Brad Jenkins
11/12/14 Guide to Texas Energy-related Legislative Information (1) Eddy Trevino
11/12/14 Guide to Texas Energy-related Legislative Information (2) Dub Taylor
10/15/14 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Status at TFC Farshad Shahsavary, P.E., CEM
7/16/14 Design Standards and SB700 Update Alison Nathan
5/21/14 Reducing Peak Demand Charges with Batteries Paul Bundschuh
5/21/14 ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Regional Benchmarking Kudret Utebay
03/19/14 Window Film-Energy Impacts Darrell Smith
1/15/14 Sustainable Energy Efficient Roofing Edis T. Oliver, P.E.
11/20/13 Texas Woman's University Presentation Harold Johnson
10/16/13 Design Build vs. Performance Contracting Perry Been
9/18/13 The Energy Manager's Role in an Organization Tarek Bou-Saada
7/17/13 Becoming an Energy Star Building Cindy Silberman
6/26/13 Texas A&M Utilities Services Overview Jim Riley/ Les Williams
5/15/13 UT Lanscape Services Sustainability Markus Hogue
02/20/13 What you need to know about LEDs Mark Nelson
11/28/12 Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Compressor Technology Chris Mansour
11/28/12 Resource Efficiency Plan - Best Practices Alison Nathan
9/9/12 Master Lease Purchase Program Chris Gilliland
7/18/12 CHP Basics and Texas Outlook Ross Tomlin
7/18/12 Commissioning Cx Saleem Khan
3/21/12 Pecan Street Brewster McCracken
2/16/12 Air Cooled Turbo-Core Chiller Chris Mansour
1/18/12 eCo Induction Systems Ken Houston/ Marc Migliazzo
1/18/12 ERCOT: Planning for our Energy Future Warren Lasher
10/19/11 UT Demand Side Energy Management & Conservation Patrick Mazur
10/19/11 Engaging Building Commissioning (BCx) Song Deng
8/17/11 TFC Energy Conservation Update Chris Mansour
6/15/11 Health and Human Services Commission Tarek Bou-Saada
4/20/11 Building Design Standard Update Felix Lopez
2/16/11 WaterSense Lee Mercer
9/15/10 SECO Water Standard Update Felix Lopez
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