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The Infinite Power of Texas (1997-2009)

Generation for Generations

This page has been selected as one of the best on the Internet by science educators under the SciLinks program sponsored by the National Science Teachers AssociationIn 1997, SECO initiated the first phase of an educational campaign, The Infinite Power of Texas, to educate Texans about the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy resources and the technologies used in Texas by individuals, businesses and utilities. Phase 2 of the campaign was launched in 2001 with additional fact sheets, a revised video and an improved, innovative, and interactive website. The materials were designed to communicate consumer information to both adults and children on a variety of renewable energy and sustainability topics in Texas. The Infinite Power of Texas materials present detailed background information about renewable energy and encourages and enables Texans to use more renewable energy in their daily lives.

Renewable Energy Fact Sheets

The Renewable Energy Fact Sheets were created to increase public awareness of Texas’ vast renewable energy resources.  Fact Sheet topics include Energy Conservation and the Home, Wind Power Basics, Ground Coupled Heat Pumps, Photovoltaic Systems, and Solar and Electric Cars.  Several of the Fact Sheets include a translated Spanish version.

Renewable Energy Lesson Plans

The Renewable Energy Lesson Plans were developed by a team of professional educators and renewable energy experts and include teacher resource guides, reading passages, and student worksheets in an easy-to-download format. The units were created to address four grade-level groups: grades K-3 (primary elementary), grades 4 and 5 (intermediate elementary); grades 6, 7, and 8 (middle school) and grades 9-12 (high school). They can also be used by parents and home schoolers to teach children about renewable energy.

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