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Schools and Teachers

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School Partnership

Energy Efficiency

Schools/Local Government Energy Program: The Program provides assistance through energy efficient school partnerships and energy management training workshops. Technical support is provided through facility-related services which address energy accounting, energy efficient facility operation and maintenance, indoor air quality, water conservation, comprehensive energy planning, and on-site training in setting up student-involved energy awareness projects and energy education.

Preliminary Energy Assessment: The PEA details recommendations for cost effective resource efficiency measures that could be implemented to reduce utility consumption and/or utility costs. SECO provides this service at no cost to the participating public entity.

School Funding & Incentives

LoanSTAR Revolving Loan ProgramThe LoanSTAR program finances energy-related cost-reduction retrofits for public school districts, public colleges, public universities. Low interest rate loans are provided to assist borrowers in financing their energy-related cost-reduction efforts. Applicants repay the loans through the stream of energy cost savings realized from the projects.

SECO Funding & IncentivesThe SECO Funding & Incentives pageprovides a comprehensive list of SECO’s Requests for Applications and Notices of Loan Fund Availability.  Sign up on the Funding & Incentives page to receive notifications by email.

DOE's Financing Energy Upgrades for K - 12 School DistrictsThis guide focuses on clean energy financing options for school administrators, facility managers, and other K-12 school decision makers who are considering investments in high performance school projects. This guide explicitly focuses on comprehensive energy upgrades, those that involve multiple measures and are targeted toward achieving significant energy savings.

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