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Energy Code Compliance Tools

The compliance software tool list is provided only for informational purposes. SECO does not warranty Energy Code compliance of these software programs. Users are responsible for ensuring software programs comply with currently adopted Energy Codes.

Compliance Software

COMcheck software, manual code compliance, and reference guides simplify and clarify commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance. Forms and checklists are included for documenting compliance.

REScheck was developed to simplify and clarify code compliance with the IECC and a number of state codes. The REScheck residential compliance materials offer two ways to demonstrate compliance: the trade-off approach and the prescriptive packages approach.

EnergyGauge is a family of PC software tools that allow simple yet detailed performance-based analysis of building energy use and perform economic analysis of proposed energy improvements.

REM/Rate software calculates heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and appliance energy loads, consumption and costs for new and existing single and multi-family homes.

IC3 is a web-based software tool designed to provide a simulated performance of energy code compliance for single family residential construction. This software tool has been developed by the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL) at Texas A&M University. The tool can capture quantitative above-code compliance as well as emissions reduction credits for the State Implementation Plan (SIP).

BEopt software provides capabilities to evaluate residential building designs and identify cost-optimal efficiency packages at various levels of whole-house energy savings along the path to zero net energy. BEopt can be used to analyze both new construction and existing home retrofits, as well as single-family detached and multi-family buildings, through evaluation of single building designs, parametric sweeps, and cost-based optimizations.

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